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Case Study 1 - Lost Facial Profile and Bite Correction


This lady had been unhappy for years with the fit an appearance of her old dentures. Her face had lost its normal profile, giving her an aged, severe appearance.


This lady looks much younger and has a much softer, relaxed appearance due to a repositioning of her teeth and the alignment of her jaw

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The before and after pictures above highlight the need to get correctly fitted dentures that have a correct bite. Incorrect bite can cause the face to sag, the chin to stick out or the smile to droop. It can even cause headaches, neck pain and other pains in the body.

By replacing the existing dentures that had an incorrect bite with a set of handcrafted Precise Dentures this patient looks a lot younger and is more comfortable and happier with her appearance.

Case Study 2 - Typical Mass Produced Dentures


The teeth have been set too low with too much gum is showing and the incorrect size tooth chosen. This is a very common problem when the technician making the dentures does not have direct access to the patient. Poorly fitted mass produced dentures leave the wearer with incorrect bite and a lack of lip and facial support. Every person's mouth is different so it is obvious that no two sets of dentures can be alike. Since a quality denture is handcrafted even two dentures made for the same person may not be exactly the same.  We  take care to ensure the wearer has the correct lip and facial support. At Precise Dentures in Rockhampton each tooth  is set by hand, allowing us to create individual characterisations.  Each tooth is positioned differently within the gum so that light is reflected at different angles when smiling, creating a brighter and more natural smile.


The correct size of tooth is chosen and put into the correct position, giving a better and more natural appearance.

Denture Service in Rocky


By opting for Precise Dentures made by Blair Grundy in Rockhampton instead of mass produced dentures, the patient has alleviated some of the problems of poorly fitting false teeth and now has much better defined facial features, and a brighter, more natural smile.

Case Study 3 - Worn Out Dentures


As you can see this patient's teeth have worn out, giving a sunken and aged appearance. This can cause jaw ache, head ache and back ache. The patient can also struggle to chew food and be extremely self-conscious.


By increasing the vertical height of the teeth, the patient has a brighter, fresher look and an overall younger look.

Denture Results


Old, worn out dentures often create what is known as a "reverse smile", with the back teeth dropping down and appearing longer than the front teeth. New handcrafted dentures from Precise Dentures has increased the vertical height of the teeth to help alleviate this problem - leaving the patient with a new brighter confident smile.

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