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Why Your Dentures Break

There are several reasons why dentures break. Over time, the size and form of your jawbone and gum tissues will change. Many dentures are unable to adjust to the changing conditions of your mouth, resulting in a poor fit. This is when dentures can tilt, wobble and create sore spots - it is also a key factor in causing your dentures to break.

If your denture breaks in your mouth, it is probably due to one of the following reasons:

denture reline

Quality Repairs by Denture Experts

Broken dentures should only ever be repaired by someone who is trained and qualified to carry out the repair. If your dentures are broken, Blair Grundy and his expert team can quickly repair your dentures.

As a complete denture repair service, we will:

Repairs and Additions

If natural teeth are subsequently lost or extracted, it is normally possible to add additional artificial teeth to your partial denture as a temporary measure. For most repairs we offer a same day service.

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"Our Goal is to provide you with a denture that gives you a natural appearance as well as restoring your ability to eat and speak"

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