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Precise Dentures

CQR Complete Dentures

We are excited to be able to offer and brand new construction technique for complete full over full dentures. The CQR denture system was created by dental professionals and research scientists from the UK and USA and produces dentures which work more closely with your natural jaw movements.

Blair is one of Queensland’s first CQR Denture Systems certified practitioners and has had some wonderful results. Patients have reported more comfortable and better functioning dentures; with reduced need for denture adhesives.

Benefits to patient:

CQR Video (Click Here)

ThermoSens Partial Dentures

We offer something different for partial dentures. ThermoSens denture material is lightweight, allergy free and semi-flexible. There are no metal wires to scrape on your natural teeth and unlike the older-style flexible dentures (i.e. Valplast), we are able to add teeth, reline or repair this material.

Benifits of ThermoSens dentures:

ThermoSens Video (Click Here)

"Our Goal is to provide you with a denture that gives you a natural appearance as well as restoring your ability to eat and speak"

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